A Wedding on Market

A Wedding on Market

This is a love story on Market. This is Arreon Harley waiting outside his apartment at the Residences at Rodney Square on the evening of Oct. 10, 2015 – three years ago. This is Thomas Emerson running late for that first date. This is them getting Mexican at Cocina Lolo – “May it rest in peace” says Arreon – and then drinks at Ernest & Scott and talking about their lives as teachers in inner cities and Arreon’s job at the Choir School of Delaware and everything else that started them on the path that led to them falling in love and celebrating their wedding on Market with a reception at Old Town Hall on Saturday.

We started this New Market Wilm project before Arreon and Thomas got engaged, so we’ve been waiting even longer than they have to feature a wedding in this space, and how lucky are we that this one was captured in images by our very own Jim Coarse and Joe del Tufo of Moonloop Photography.

Thomas: “We knew we wanted to have the reception in Wilmington because that’s where we met, and we have a lot of folks we know and love here. But I’m a big history buff, so when we walked in the Old Town Hall and I saw this beautiful renovated space, I knew this was it.”

Arreon: “The ceremony was at Christ Church Christiana Hundred in Greenville, another historic space. Both were just knock-out venues.”

Thomas: “We knew we wanted to have the major events in the Old Town Hall downstairs area. We started out with cocktail hour there, then moved people up to the Copeland Room in the newer addition upstairs for dinner, and then back downstairs for dancing.”

Arreon: “Old Town Hall had the party going on. In the old council chambers above, we had a room with a small bar and coffee, a quieter place for folks of our parent’s generation to hang out. Kind of a chill room. And people were definitely walking through the museum as well, touring the exhibits. The Delaware Historical Society just literally opened up the building to us. It was so refreshing. They were helping me load up stuff into the car even yesterday. I feel like that kind of treatment, that kind of care, you don’t really get anywhere else.”

We asked them to recall what was happening in this photo specifically…

Arreon: “It’s hard to describe the sense of euphoria at that particular moment, but it was actually pretty peaceful. One of the quieter moments when we weren’t mobbed by people.”

Thomas: “I spent many years living in or outside Philadelphia, and almost every wedding in Philadelphia has that cliche shot down Broad Street with City Hall in the background. So I thought it was really cool that we got to take that old shot and make it our own. I think some people, in their mind, think Wilmington is the lesser city, but for us, it’s the more magical place.”

Arreon: “Cars were coming and we were just standing there in the street taking photos. And everyone was just so patient. I remember thinking, ‘Everyone’s nice, no one’s honking.’ What a place to be!”