Parking IN Wilmington

The following list of parking tips is intended to be a helpful guide to understanding the most commonly encountered parking issues in Wilmington. It is not intended to cover every possible scenario, nor is it meant as a substitute for City Code. To review parking regulations in their entirety, access the City Code, click here! For those who do not have access to the Internet, please call the Office of Constituent Services at (302) 576-2489.

Park IN Wilmington Using Parkmobile

The City of Wilmington partners with Parkmobile to allow customers to pay for parking with their phones at approximately 1,000 on-street meters downtown. Customers can pay for parking by using Parkmobile’s smartphone app or by calling 1-877-727-5758.

Parkmobile also allows customers to receive reminders before their time expires and to extend their time remotely without returning to the meter. Parkmobile is offered as an additional payment option and does not replace card or coin payment options. All existing forms of payment are still valid for use.

For more information about Parkmobile and to download the app, click here!

Common Parking Rules

  • Meters accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. Parking rates are posted on each meter. You may purchase 15 minutes of parking for a quarter, 6 minutes of parking for a dime, and 3 minutes of parking for a nickel. You may park at a meter for up to two hours.
  • Upon parking, familiarize yourself with posted street signage regarding parking restrictions/limitations. Street signage governing parking rules on a block (such as street cleaning times) may appear anywhere on the block, and familiarizing yourself with signage requires looking up and down the entire block on the side where you’re parked, particularly if you don’t see any sign where you are parked. The City is required to post signs along a block so that citizens are informed about parking rules/restrictions. If you park on the block and feel that signage may be missing or inadequate, please notify the Office of Constituent Services through [email protected] or call (302) 576-2489.
  • You will receive a parking ticket if a tire is sitting on the curb or sidewalk. All four wheels must be touching the street surface.
  • Do not park farther than 12 inches from the curb.
  • Parking is prohibited within 20 feet of a crosswalk or intersection.
  • Parking is prohibited within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking is prohibited in bus stops or loading zones. Loading zones are reserved for commercial vehicles only.
  • Do not block driveways; you may be ticketed AND towed. Vehicles are prohibited from parking within three feet of either side of a driveway.
  • Do not park in a handicap space (designated by a blue meter) unless you have a valid, properly displayed handicap plate or placard.
  • For additional information on City of Wilmington parking or what to do should you get a parking tickets, click here!

Commercial Parking Lots

Buccini/Pollin Group

  • City Center Garage
    Located at 208 W. 12th Street, entrance on 11th Street between West Street and Tatnall Street
  • ParkBPG Garage
    Located at 106 W. 12th Street, entrances on Orange Street between 11th and 12th Street and on 12th Street
  • Midtown Parking Garage
    Located at 840 N. Orange Street, entrances on Orange Street and on Shipley Street between 8th and 9th Street
  • Orange Street Parking Lot
    Located at 1134 N. Orange Street, entrance on Orange Street between 11th and 12th Street

Central Parking Systems

  • 208 W. 12th Street
  • 902 N. Market Street
  • 1007 Orange Street

Colonial Parking

  • Government Center Garage
    Located at the southeast corner of 9th and French Streets under the Carvel State Office Building and the Louis L. Redding City/County Building, entrance on 9th Street
  • HyPark Garage at 9th and Orange Streets (pay on foot)
    Located at 903 N. Shipley Street, entrances on Orange Street and Shipley Street
  • New Castle County Courthouse Garage
    Located at 510 N. King Street, entrances on King Street and Walnut Street
  • New Castle County Courthouse Lot
    Located at 511 N. Walnut Street
  • 222 Delaware Avenue Garage
    Located at 222 Delaware Avenue, entrances on Tatnall Street and Orange Street
  • 10th and Washington Street surface lot
    7th and Shipley Street Lot
    Located at 713 Shipley Street, entrances on Shipley Street and Orange Street
  • 1201 N. Market Street Garage
    Located under the 1201 N. Market Street building, entrances on Market Street and Bassett Street

Wilmington Parking Authority

  • 8th Street Surface Lot
    Entrances are located on both 8th Street and Orange Street
  • Brandywine Garage
    Entrances are located on 13th Street and King Street
  • Customs House/Courthouse Square Garage
    Entrances are located on King Street and Walnut Street at 7th Street
  • Train Station Garage
    Entrance is located on MLK Boulevard between King Street and French Street

Bus Service

Taxi Service

  • Wilmington Taxi Service (302.804-1134)
  • All Ways Taxi Service – Delaware Taxi Company (302.750-2525)
  • City Cab of Delaware (302.803-4302)
  • Delaware Wilmington Taxi (302.709-1398)
  • Delaware Red Top Taxi (302.898-4186)
  • Yellow Cap (302.656-8151)