Why Theater Is Better Than Streaming

The theater may just be better than streaming. This may sound like an overenthusiastic statement, but let’s dive deeper and take a look. The theater is an ancient art. According to Wikipedia, it has been around for centuries and was used by the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indonesians. There is a reason why it is still around today. It has gained some recent popularity on Broadway & musicals such as Hamilton. However, it is a gem just waiting to be rediscovered by most. Here are some reasons why.

Intimate Experience

Theater does not have the same special effects seen in movies and television. However, this may actually be a benefit. Special effects can be distracting. According to Grand Rapids Civic Theater, the theater puts more emphasis on the people, their gestures, their expressions, and their emotions. This makes a more intimate experience.

Connecting With Actors

The emphasis on the human element makes it easy to connect with the actors. Believe it or not, this connection goes both ways. The actors also see and hear the audience and their reactions to the performance. In fact, actors may even react to the audience at certain times. The whole experience is more interactive compared to streaming shows or movies.

Watching Together

One of the biggest benefits of theater is being able to watch together. Instead of watching streamed shows at home by yourself, you can watch theater together. You could bring friends or family. You may even want to coordinate a group trip. Even if you are still going alone, you don’t feel alone. You can feel a sense of community in the theater. The audience collectively laughs, gasps, or yells. Everyone will also be on the edge of their seats collectively.

Good For Mental Health

There are also many mental health benefits to the theater. According to Psychology Articles, theater broadens your mind to new cultures and ideas. It also encourages the expression of emotions. For the most part, our culture encourages bottling up emotions. On the other hand, the theater has a heavy emphasis on expression. Lastly, it also acts as a form of stress relief. It helps take your mind off of stressors and can help you laugh.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider going to a theater. If you are looking for a theater, there is a tremendous theater in Wilmington Delaware. According to the Grand Wilmington, the Grand Opera House is a historic theater in Wilmington that has been around for 140 years. Contact us today for more information.