How to Choose a Restaurant for Your Anniversary

Your anniversary is coming up and you want to take your partner somewhere special for a nice dinner. According to Gitnux, nearly 34% of Americans report they eat at casual dining establishments once a week, however, this is your opportunity to take your special someone to a fancy, out-of-the-ordinary establishment. Choosing the perfect restaurant takes a little planning. Here’s how to pick a place that will make the evening memorable.

Consider the Cuisine

First, think about what type of food your partner loves. Do they enjoy Italian, seafood, or American cuisine? Pick a restaurant known for excellent dishes in their favorite category. You want food and drink you know they’ll savor. Check the menu online beforehand to make sure there are options your partner will be excited about. Don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask if certain dishes can be prepared to accommodate allergies or dietary needs! You want to consider the atmosphere too. Cozy and romantic? Trendy? Find a spot that fits the mood you want to create.

Make a Reservation

Once you’ve settled on the ideal restaurant for food and drink, it’s time to make a reservation. Be sure to note that it’s a special anniversary celebration when booking. The staff may prepare something extra, like a special table, flowers, or dessert. Aim to reserve a table one month in advance if it’s a popular spot. Friday and Saturday nights fill up quickly. If your anniversary falls mid-week, you may be able to book just a few weeks out. When reserving your table, request a quiet location in the dining room. There’s nothing worse than loud neighbors when you’re trying to celebrate!

Add Special Touches

Beyond the food, think about personalizing the evening with small gestures. Bring a card, gift, or flowers to mark the occasion. Request that the band or musician at the restaurant play a special song. If dining at the restaurant was part of your first date, see if they’ll recreate part of the original menu. You can also order desserts similar to what you enjoyed back then. Little details like this make the evening unique.

With the perfect restaurant booked and personal touches planned, you’re ready for a memorable anniversary dinner filled with delicious food and drink! This celebration is sure to strengthen your bond and create lasting memories. If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant to celebrate your anniversary, check out our website for a full directory of restaurants in Wilmington, Delaware!