The Vivid Colors of Silhouettes

Olivia Rubini’s album debut serves as launching pad for a promising young talent

If you are an aspiring young musician trying to get a debut record out in the middle of a pandemic, it certainly helps to have a colorful array of song-writing talents and a heavenly voice. It also doesn’t hurt to have the help of a father who has found success in the industry.

Twenty-one-year-old Olivia Rubini checks all these boxes and more. On January 29, the independent artist released her full-album debut, Silhouettes, produced by her father, Ritchie Rubini, who is a member of The Caulfields and has amassed a considerable number of production and song-writing credits over the years on Wind-Up, A&M, Sony/BMG and Hollywood Records.

“Working with my dad through the production process is surprisingly easygoing and natural,” says Rubini. “When we’re in the studio, the ideas are constantly flowing which creates an awesome environment that oftentimes sparks my inspiration musically and lyrically.

“Working together has become a real joy since we both have so much to offer.”

The daughter-and-father combo have been working on music together since Olivia was 15, putting out 10 singles through various digital services. Her song “To You (Remix)” received more than 150,000 plays on Spotify.

“I think as I’ve become more confident in my visions for the individual songs, production style, and my identity as an artist, our communication and overall creative intuitiveness has improved immensely,” Rubini says.

The album also sees the younger Rubini co-writing and working in the studio with other local music talents such as bassist Sam Nobles (Travel Songs, Bruce & Sam, Mean Lady), guitarist Andrew Price (The Limits, Stallions), and singer-songwriter Cliff Hillis (Starbelly, Smash Palace, The Orchestra starring ELO former members).

“The explorative nature of the album, musically and lyrically, was the organic, adventitious continuation of my growth as an artist and as a writer,” Rubini says.

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