What Makes a Concert Great?


Most locales have several places where people can attend concerts by their favorite bands and solo artists. As summer approaches, so does the height of the annual touring season for musicians. Here are some of the many things that make it great to attend a concert.

Shared Experience With Others

Most people attend concerts with others, which makes it more of a communal experience that participants can talk about with their friends for many days afterward. The fear of missing out is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to attend concerts, especially when their close friends make plans to attend a show by a musical artist they especially love. According to pre-pandemic stats, the biggest music festivals annually draw more than 2 million visitors. Such attendance numbers affirm the collective desire to enjoy shared experiences.

Enjoy Outstanding Musical Artists

On a more personal level, most people have a handful of favorite musical acts and maybe one that they especially love more than all others. When those musical artists go on tour, itโ€™s a chance to experience their concerts at least once and possibly several times during a lifetime or even during just one year. Following popular musical artists while they are on tour can be a great way to see the nation and world and enjoy the many great communities in which their favorite musical artists perform in concert. It also gives fans the chance to hear new songs and familiar favorites that make them want to dance, sing, and be happy.

Visit Unique and Outstanding Venues

Many locales have outstanding and unique concert venues where bands and other musical artists have entertained audiences for many years. Locations like the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, are especially revered for their musical history and outstanding acoustics. Current instruments and amplification technologies make it possible for any instrument to be heard from any seat in the house, regardless of venue size. Whether attending a concert in a bar, small music hall, or a giant stadium, itโ€™s possible to hear every instrument and get close-up views of artists with the help of giant viewing screens.

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