The Top Local Restaurants to Try in Wilmington This Fall

local restaurants

Whether you enjoy dining in or taking out food to eat at home, there are many reasons to support your local restaurants in Wilmington. Doing so will help local restaurants stay in business, you’ll get to try different types of food, and you’ll support members of your local community. Wilmington has a diverse number of restaurants to try in the fall, so you’ll never run out of ideas. Here are some of the top places to try!

Specialty and Upscale Restaurants

The specialty restaurants in Wilmington serve seafood, Italian food, prime rib, vegetarian, Asian, and many other specialty cuisines. Banks Seafood Kitchen and Raw Bar on the Riverfront has a raw bar with clams, shrimp, tuna, salmon, and snapper. They serve fresh fish, lobster, seafood stew, and salads and have a specialty dessert menu. A night out in the fall is the perfect activity for family and friends. Bardea Food and Drink downtown is described as an innovative Italian restaurant with appetizers, specialty pasta, pizza, chicken, steak, fish, and desserts. Both restaurants serve soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Additionally, the Bellefonte Cafe is a neighborhood cafe that serves brunch on Sundays, vegetarian items, burgers, tacos, soups, salads, breakfast sandwiches, wine, and beer. It has musical entertainment several nights a week. You’ll find many different cuisines and local restaurants on the In Wilmington Website. According to Toast, over 45% of busy diners eat out many times a week and another 20% go out at least once a week. Wilmington is the perfect place to satisfy any dining experience craving!

Casual Dining and Takeout

Do you enjoy casual dining or taking out food in the fall? Wilmington has many local restaurants that will meet your needs. Goober’s Diner can provide you with a casual breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Breakfast is available all day for customers. They serve sandwiches and soup and have soft drinks. You can takeout, sit down, or order ahead. Rosenfield Delicatessen serves breakfast on weekends and lunch and dinner daily. They have soup, salads, sandwiches, seafood, and desserts.

Furthermore, Gianna’s Pizza in Trolley Square has all types of gourmet pizza, subs, salads, calzones, wraps, sandwiches, and baked specialties. They offer casual indoor and outdoor dining and takeout. The Charcoal Pit is a family restaurant with sundaes, sandwiches, burgers, shakes, and fried food.

You’ll find a variety of upscale and casual restaurants in Wilmington for fall dining and takeout. When you go to the In Wilmington website, you can search for all types of restaurants in Wilmington by cuisine or type. Visiting local restaurants in the fall will expose you to a variety of different foods, support your local businesses, and help your community. In Wilmington is the place to be for local restaurants this fall!