Rock, Rap and a Guy in Sheep’s Clothing. Just Another Night in Wilmo


This originally appeared in the Delaware Arts Info blog – view the original here.

We’re just over half way through Gable Music’s Singer Songwriter Showcase at World Café Live at the Queen when Rick Sabatini looks out at the audience and says, “You just watched a white guy in a sheep costume play a rap song with an acoustic guitar.”

Go ahead, re-read that statement.

Rick Sabatini was that performer, and he was one-sixth of the entertainment provided.

The format — gathering six quality performers to play two 15-minute sets each — has been used and perfected by Gable co-founders Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel over the past few years. “The whole thing is a mix of meticulous planning with a good amount of serendipity,” said Hebbel, who has been reviewing applications from musicians from around the country trying to decide which performers to bring to the area for which venues. Hebbel says he and Dillman are now getting more than 50 serious applications a week.

As a prime example of serendipity — the fact that Rick Sabatini was booked at the last minute after another performer fell ill. All of the performers Friday traveled some distance to play for the Wilmington audience – Nelly’s Echo, Danny Whitecotton, Brian Dolzani, James Hearne and Stewart Lewis came from places like Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Texas.

Throughout the evening, we found ourselves entertained by a variety of musical styles, stories, observations and group dynamics as each musician seemed to be encouraged by the others. What the audience gets from a Gable Singer Songwriter Showcase is a night of great entertainment from a mix of seasoned professionals and promising newer artists who all seem to be committed to providing a quality show for an appreciative audience.

The next Singer Songwriter Showcase is coming up on Friday, April 17. Do yourself a huge favor and get your tickets now.