Ladybugs IN the Spotlight: Vajra


Hailing from: NYC
Genre: Hard Rock
RIYL: Lacuna Coil, Staind, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Queensryche
Performing: Thursday, July 20th from 8:05pm-8:35pm at Studio on Market

With propulsive guitar riffs that command your attention from the very start, NYC’s Vajra embodies the spirit of the Sanskrit word from which they are named—a weapon won in battle symbolizing both relentless force and indestructibility. But just as soon as you feel like you’re lost in an electric storm, the Indian INfluences come into play and drift you to another part of the paradox. While an accomplished and polished multi-instrumentalist, the vocals of songwriter/producer ANNAMARIA PINA resemble a primal Evanescence. This brilliant contradiction is complemented by the earthier sound set by drummer SHU INABA who’s driving, tribal rhythms set the overall tone–and the progressive foundation of the group’s compositions that allows guitarist DAVE SUSSMAN to flex his melodic and mystical metal muscle. The band has practically trademarked the haunting rock anthem, and command the stage with the presence and confidence of veteran arena rockers, as Pina evinces by moving and writhing in an enchanting and ethereal dance as compelling as her spiritual lyrical confessions. Whether inspired or stimulated, provoked or unsettled, by the time the band ends their set, you’ll certainly and with no doubt be moved and impressed.

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