Ladybugs IN the Spotlight: Hurricane Hoss

Hurricane Hoss

Hailing from: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Country
RIYL: Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Wanda Jackson, Kitty Wells, Aubrey Haynie
Performing: Friday, July 21st from 5:15pm-5:45pm on the Main Stage

Believe it or not, Philadelphia is home to some of the most fearless country and western music in the USA. Their own Sarah Lawson is front and center of a female indie-country scene that sees the city of brotherly love emanating some sisterly ass-kickin’. Known as ‘The Hoss’, Lawson fronts a folk trio called Ladybird and the somewhat eponymous kinda-solo, hoedown-heavy, bluegrass-INfected ensemble-of-multiple-varieties known as Hurricane Hoss. Both guises are full of honest-to-goodness country splendour anchored by Larson’s fiddle playing and down-home vocal charm that endear her immediately to even the lightest of fans of the genre, and both exude a deep knowledge of its roots. For the case of her good-girl-gone-bad persona of Hurricane Hoss, her mastery over her voice and the stringed instruments is stretched to full sail, gliding her bow or finger picking a banjo effortlessly to accompany a good ol’ rockabilly shuffle and shake, or slowing it all up to bring a tear to your lonesome, weary eye as a lap steel maybe shares your grief and her guitar surely steels your spine. Whether plying through songbook standards or lavishing the crowd with one of her original pieces of brilliant art, each note is a moment shared around Lawson’s campfire as the sun sets, the whiskey flows and the blues drift away. Not bad for a lady IN the big city. And great for Ladybug fans!


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