Concert Etiquette 101

live music

Attending a live music event can be a truly thrilling and very fun experience. In fact, according to Statista, 35 percent of Americans polled said they attended a live concert during the past year. Unfortunately, it also can become a very bad experience when one or more people ignore basic concert etiquette and turn what should be a fun event into a regrettable one. The following concert etiquette tips can help to make a music event enjoyable for all.

Don’t Talk Through the Show

It is important to remember the reason why you got tickets to see a concert, which is the live music. You are not there to socialize and to hold extended conversations while the show is underway. If you are talking constantly and speaking loudly to be heard over the music, then you are disturbing other concertgoers.

Limit Your Bar and Bathroom Trips

It is perfectly natural to enjoy a couple of drinks to loosen up or have some water to stay hydrated. You also might need to use the restroom or want to go have a smoke. You should plan ahead as much as possible to limit the number of times you have to leave and return to your seats. Unless you are sitting next to an aisleway, you are getting in the way of others who are trying to enjoy the show.

Don’t Force Others to Stand

Standing ovations are perfectly appropriate during live music events. The crowd also tends to rise at the start of especially popular songs and might remain standing through a couple of numbers. When the crowd sits, you should sit, too, to prevent blocking the view and sound of those who are located behind you. It is especially annoying when someone insists on standing and dancing in place throughout a show when virtually everyone else is seated.

Silence Your Cellphone

You don’t have to turn off your cellphone, but you do need to turn off the ringer. No one wants to pay good money to see a concert and have to listen to someone’s cellphone ringer during the show. Most venues also require you to silence your phone, and some might require you to keep it turned off to prevent illegal recordings.

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