Celebrating Nature IN the First State

DelaWILD Celebrating Nature IN the First State

The area’s leading environmental and conservation organizations are heeding the call of the wild, and invite you to join the pack.

Convening at the rambling grounds of Winterthur, they’ll celebrate nature and the environment during the inaugural event DelaWILD, on Saturday, August 25.

During DelaWILD, these experts — from Delaware Nature Society, DNREC, Delaware Center for Horticulture and two dozen other organizations — will lead curious members of the public on hikes and conduct other experiential activities like workshops, lectures and demonstrations such as “Becoming a Pollinator Advocate on the Local, State or National Level,” “Invasive Plants of Delaware,” “Bee Keeping” and more.

Other activities include education about wild plants, wildlife, wild water and nature in the city of Wilmington.

Special guests are environmental advocate Delaware Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long and Charlie Engelman, National Geographic Kids television host.

Winterthur’s Director of Garden & Estate Chris Strand says DelaWILD is the first of its kind at the estate, and he’s thrilled about its potential.

“We hope that DelaWILD throws a spotlight onto all of the great local resources for those interested in nature, the environment and conservation,” says Strand. “Delaware has so many great environmental and conservation groups, we thought it would be fun and educational to host an event that celebrates the natural areas of Delaware and the work of all these groups.”

Why is Winterthur the perfect location for DelaWILD? Well, for many people who drive north from Wilmington, Winterthur is the first glimpse of the countryside they’ll spot, says Strand.

“Our meadows and woodlands, the sheep grazing on our front pasture and our barns are a snapshot of what rural Delaware looked like once-upon-time,” he says.

Strand says Winterthur’s limited staff actually rely on volunteers and the expertise of environmental experts such as those participating.

“Because of [these organizations] I am optimistic about the future of the environment,” says Strand. “We think there’s a role for all of us in raising awareness about and conserving natural resources — it can be as simple as volunteering with a local organization.”

Get tickets and ticket prices here or call 800-448-3883. The event runs from 10am-3pm; Winterthur members and participating organizations’ members are invited to arrive at 9 a.m. to attend Engelman’s lecture in Copeland Lecture Hall with opening comments from Hall-Long.