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What started as a way to help local bands meet each other, Tri-State Underground has…

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What started as a way to help local bands meet each other, Tri-State Underground has found itself in a state of constant adaptation and evolution. The original goal was to bring together local musicians to help new bands form working relationships with established/semi-established bands. Having successfully booked numerous shows and assisted in cultivating new friendships, a new goal was set; use the new collective for the greater good of Delaware and its surrounding areas. As musicians, we have the power to affect our community in a positive way. Music brings people together and cultivates an atmosphere of “community”. This collective expression very easily lends a hand to community activism. With this in mind, Tri-State Underground seeks to harness the goodwill of show attendees and musicians to give back to the communities in which we perform, work and live. Every Tri-State Underground show is an opportunity to give back to the community in a small, yet vastly significant way.

 Here’s how it works: Tri-State Underground books shows that double as a “Donations Drive”. This means that anyone is welcome to bring non-perishable foods to every event to be donated to a local food shelter. Forgot your canned goods? No problem. We also sell TSU tee-shirts at every show and host a Used Mystery Vinyl Raffle. Proceeds raised through tee-shirts and raffle tickets sales go back into the community by means of food donation. It is an effortless way for anyone who comes to a TSU event to have a positive impact on the life of someone in need.