Why You Should Attend a Concert in Wilmington, DE

live music

Concerts are returning to their pre-pandemic popularity, with the total revenue of the live music industry projected to reach $31 billion in 2022. People crave live music, and with good reason. There’s nothing like enjoying a great concert while at the same time hanging out with your friends and meeting new people. Additionally, you can often have new experiences when you visit new cities for concerts. One of those cities may be Wilmington, Delaware.

But why attend a concert in Wilmington in particular? There are plenty of reasons why you should be thrilled when your favorite concert is hosted in this city. Let’s look into some of them below.

1. Plenty of Venues

If you don’t know much about Wilmington, you may not be aware that there are plenty of live music venues there. It’s no wonder why Wilmington offers so many different concerts. If you’re looking for rock and grunge music, you may want to visit Bar XIII; those into operas and musical experiences may be more interested in The Grand Opera House. Lavish is perfect for RnB music, while the World Cafe Live at the Queen is perfect for concerts of all kinds.

2. The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

If you’re into jazz and can time your concert correctly, you may be able to have an even broader musical experience. Delaware is home to The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, which celebrates jazz and the life of native Wilmington musician Clifford Brown. The jazz festival lasts multiple days, and though the dates can vary, this year it’s beginning on August 4. Another benefit of the festival? It’s completely free!

3. The Bar and Food Scene

When you visit a city like Wilmington for a concert, you’re going to want to kill some time at a restaurant or bar. Wilmington has plenty to offer in this sense. There is a great cultural scene in the city, where you can try plenty of different drinks and meals. It’s a great way to enjoy the city like a local. If you’re looking for a recommendation, try Merchant’s Bar and ask a bartender.

4. The Art Scene

Music isn’t the only artistic pursuit in Wilmington. There are plenty of museums and galleries for you to peruse. Consider trying them out!

Get ready for your trip to Wilmington; it’s well worth it!