Why Wilmington


In May of 2012 I announced to my work of seven years I was leaving because I was moving to Delaware. Needless to say I got quite a few strange looks. “Why Delaware?” they would all ask. The answer to that question I gave was my fiancé; he had gotten a job at DuPont.

I never expected to move out of state- and I would never in a million years think I would end up in Delaware.

All I knew was two things…A. If I was moving to a different state my fiancé Patrick was going to get me a puppy…. And B. I had to live in a city. Well I got both of my wishes. I am not ashamed to say Morley our dog was my first buddy here in Delaware.

After a bit of convincing, Patrick agreed to live in Wilmington. Patrick was concerned about the typical problems that come along with urban living. I still remember when I first called about a loft apartment in the city, and the property manager described all the adorable shops along market street and the monthly art loops. She painted a beautiful picture of a city with a small town feel and all of sudden moving across the country didn’t sound so bad after all.

Seven months later and I am in love with this city. There is something extremely special about Wilmington. It has historical roots and is going through a period of revitalization. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to move here. To watch the city from my position of where I live and where I work is like watching a story unfold. I live downtown, but also work for the Buccini/Pollin Group. Passion doesn’t begin to explain how those I work with feel about the city, and their attitude is contagious.

The people are what make this city. Some have lived here all their lives, but many have moved here from out of state creating a melting pot of diversity. Because many people are new, they are all very much alike, they are all starting a fresh new experience. It seems as though everyone has a mutual understanding and making friends is easy.

There is plenty going on any given day here in Wilmington whether it is a concert at the Queen, a festival Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park, or one of the other many entertainment options. My personal favorite thing to do is just walk Morley up and down the boardwalk on the riverfront. There is no such thing as being “bored” here. There are so many organizations here to belong to as well, no matter what your interest.

If you are food lover, (which I am), delicious restaurants are everywhere. Personal favorites of mine are Chelsea Tavern and Iron Hill.

I can’t forget to mention the convenience of proximity to other cities; Wilmington literally is in the center of it all. I am often overwhelmed with choices of day trips to take on the weekends. Philadelphia, New York, Maryland, Washington, Baltimore, and Atlantic City, New Jersey are so close.

Needless to say, I enjoy living here and am proud to call Wilmington, Delaware my home. Now, if people ask “Why Delaware?” I have plenty to say as a response…