Stuck INside? Rock Out!

Darnell Miller

We’re so used to rockIN’ out here #inWilm, musicians and fans alike are having a tough time adjusting to this whole social distancing thing…Good news is we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Delaware acts to help shake off those INside blues. Many of whom are on Bandcamp or have other online stores available so you can help support INdependent artists IN need during the COVID-19 outbreak. Like what you hear? Buy something! 

(Check out our blog Wilmington Musicians Coping with COVID INdoors.) 

High energy emo punk straight from Wilmington…

Earth Radio
USDA certified organic, grass-fed, cage-free, Delaware-bred indie-folk band.

They’re going to make you scream and make you cry in your high top vans and ripped up jeans.

5 dreamy boys making dreamy pop music for your ear holes…

Grace Vonderkuhn
Groove-a-licious garage for true believers. They have a sweet tie-dye tee dropping for one day only as part of Bandcamp’s revenue waiving-day this Friday, March 20th!

High Reeper
Hard stoner rock meets Sabbath. These guys have two killer albums available on CD and vinyl.

Hoochi Coochi
Gospel music for the blasphemers. Weird cat merch too. 

Hot Breakfast!
Acoustic dork rock to tickle your funny bone.

Lauren Kuhne
This Cool Spring resident Lauren Kuhne has the voice of an angel and a smooth style anyone can appreciate…

Less Than Five
This four piece is driven by recently engaged songwriters Carly Jane Scobell ad Russell Kutys.

Some rad dads keeping you moving and grooving all night long….or until the babysitter needs to go. Whatever comes first.

Mothman Properties
INdie rock vibes reminiscent of Silversun Pickups perfect for the changing season…

The Psychedelic Puppets
Heavy blues and experimental goodness. 

Shadows, wavelengths, espionage, simulations, paranoia, back alleys, neo-new wave and concise post-rock sensibilities.

Sarah Koon
Introverted fury on a big piano…

Apache Trails

Coming around a mountain of emotion with their twangin’ and sangin’…

The Honey Badgers
These two lovebirds released their first full length a year ago, quit their jobs and hit the open road to support the album…now they’re back home and wondering WTF, life? So buy some merch and help ’em out. 


Known for delighting audiences with provocative pairings of early and contemporary works…You can priview and purchase their two albums on their website.

Aunt Mary Pat
The iggles, Wawa hoagies and ACME are just a few common topics from Delco’s favorite aunt. Stream hours of video on her Facebook page. Become a supporter for $4.99/month for exclusive content. 

Todd Chappelle
If comedy songs about being from Delaware, Amish girls, the Swine Flu and conjoined twins are more your thing, then Todd is for you. Todd has 4 albums available to stream and 5 available for purchase

No Sir E
Monome magician and forward-thinking future beat electronic musician, sound scavenger and loop technician.

Professor 950
Makes mixtapes with vintage samplers, cassette machines and effects boxes, favoring old LPs and recording to tape.

Akee Fontane

Raw, dangerous and real, Fontane’s latest album addresses crime in the region.

Lefty The Greatest
Female rapper, painter and writer spitting hot fire about self love and motivation.

Richard Raw
Prolific and profound with messages the entire family can receive. 

Maya Belardo

Almost as talented as she is young. This is one of the best young jazz proteges in the state.

E. Shawn Quaissaunee
Afghan Jazz colored with touches of rock, country and swing.


Rocking Newark and beyond since 2002. Loud, rowdy, exactly what you would expect from prehistoric punk rock…

Disaster Committee
Check out this band’s generous offer of a Spotify playlist that highlights music of fellow area bands.

Nah Man
Racially conscious punk to educate and eradicate the stigma.

World music which emphasizes stories of love and social commentary through powerful lyrics and acoustic accompaniment.

Spokey Speaky
Wilmington’s premiere reggae act has a live album available for your streaming pleasure over on their website.

Darnell Miller
Some of the souliest soul you’ve ever heard coming out of Wilmington. Check out his EP Jesus & Jameson on Spotify

Jea Street Jr. 
Souful and socially conscious singer has digital downloads of original music, as well as fun tshirts for sale.