The Residences at Mid-Town Park

The Residences at Mid-Town Park

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The Residences at Mid-Town Park have barely opened, and they are already filling with new tenants. After more than two years of construction, we know what these apartments look like on the outside – and boy, do we appreciate that big, beautiful, bright parking garage underneath. But what do they look like on the inside? We connected with Alexa Brancato, one of complex’s first residents, for a quick tour of her new space.

“I’m originally from Connecticut, and I came down to Delaware to work as a resident at Christiana Care. Downtown Wilmington seems like a really fun place. I’m from a small state and I’ve never lived in a downtown area before, so I wanted to try that out. I like the atmosphere on Market– it seemed like an up and coming area, so I figured, why not get in on the action?”

“Ernest and Scott was attached to my former apartment building, so I got to know some of the bartenders there. That’s a really great place. Merchant Bar is a fun place to go. Stitch House is brand new. Everything is close, within walking distance. That’s a reason why I chose to live at Mid-town.”

“It has everything you could possibly ask for – from hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances to a demonstration kitchen in the amenities area. There’s a pool table, and a movie theater, and the pool. There’s a pergola there with great lawn furniture, and they put in a fireplace with some grills. It’s a great spot. Backyard living in the middle of the city. 

“I used to live in Rodney Square, just a block over. But moving is always a nightmare, the whole logistics of cable and WiFi and all that. I ended up hiring movers. But now I’m in a one-bedroom on the corner. It has a balcony. There’s a view in the direction toward the Riverfront — I think that’s south. One of the first nights I was here, I had some friends over to watch the fireworks down at the Riverfront. It was our first time to use the balcony, and I was, like, this is awesome. I made a great decision moving here.”