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Christopher Bruce has been a mainstay on the entertainment and video production circuit of Delaware for a long time now – but his latest project finds him settling down on Market for the first time. King Creative is a combined video and recording studio at 727 North Market, and the results of Christopher’s first partnership with Dan Pierce. We spoke with him about how their new venture came together…

“Long story short, as you so eloquently stated: I’ve been around a long time. I’ve had the good fortune to work with a lot of great people in sports and entertainment, theater and live events, and I had a unique opportunity to come into this specific space. And in that process, I met Dan. He’s young. He’s talented. He’s hungry. He has the work ethic, and some of those intangibles that are hard to find. And he was the video producer at the Philadelphia Union, so his work spoke for itself. It became clear that we were a great team, and the partnership was built off that.”

“I had to shift gears from my former company, Bruce Productions, but you’ll see some connective tissue. There’s still a blue lion in the logo, but it’s a more mature blue lion now. The lion comes from my family heritage, connected with the Bruce family name and the original King of Scots, and with content being king … well, “king” was a name that kept resonating in terms of the brand story. So King Creative became who we are.”

“We have a multi-faceted studio where we’re doing a combination of video production and music and audio recording. We have great studio space for photo or video, as well as recording space for podcasting and full music production. They all work cohesively, which is really nice. We could be working with an artist or a band on their album, and we can not only produce the audio elements at a high level, but we can then package it from a visual standpoint. That’s pretty unique.”

“We love working with people who are passionate about whatever it is they’re doing. We like getting lost in people’s worlds and helping them connect with their audience. So our tagline, and what we’ve really adopted here, is that our story is your story – so let’s tell it together.”

“Being right at the corner of 8th and Market, at the heart of the revitalization that’s happening downtown, seems like a great opportunity to be a part of everything. We’re going to be doing some ongoing events – people should look out for those if they want to come by. And we do studio tours by appointment, so if people want to check out what we’re doing and connect, they should shoot me an email.”

“It’s really nice to have a home base that’s rooted in this community. You become a part of this family of people who are in it together to make this work. I’ve always been a collaborator at heart. We’re stronger together. If you focus on what you do and what you do well, if you just take care of people and you work hard, there’s enough out there for everybody. We just have to keep bringing good stuff and good energy to the downtown Wilmington area.”