Meet: Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez IN Wilmington

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Just to be clear from the start: Dan Sanchez and David Sanchez are two different people who have been seen together in the same place at the same time. (There’s a useful video explaining this on Facebook.) But though both Sanchezes (Sanchezi?) have been mainstays on Market for almost a decade – Dan working at various theaters in marketing gigs, David at Spaceboy Clothing – Dan has recently moved on up to the 9th floor on French Street, as the city’s digital & social media manager under Wilmington Mayor Michael S. Purzycki. These days, he’s on the scene and often behind the camera at hundreds of city events throughout the year, even if he can’t quite believe it himself all the time. Hence his personal hashtag, useful for friends who want to follow #PlacesDanSanchezHasNoBusinessBeing…

“It’s a crazy confluence of circumstance that I’m here in the first place. I met Mike through a mutual friend and he hired me in November 2015, and I’ve been with him ever since.”

“The reason that hashtag came about? So, my degree is in theatre production. I was working for the Grand Opera House as their group sales manager at the onset of MySpace and Twitter and all that, then worked at The Queen doing similar stuff, and everything in between all led me here … it’s just very odd to me. It’s sometimes like, ‘Where am I now? How did I get here?’ Let me go back and scroll through that hashtag and refresh my own memories. Oh yeah, one of the first events that the mayor and I did together was the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and I thought, ‘What’s a Hispanic guy doing, here?’ And there’s a couple black tie events — the Gridiron, that’s an amazing event. #PlacesDanSanchezHasNoBusinessBeing.”

“I’ve lived and worked in Wilmington for the past 10 years, but seeing it from this angle gives me more hope, for sure, knowing that there’s great things coming on Market Street.”

“I’m a food guy. I used to have a food podcast. And I’m so excited for the new restaurants coming to Market — Margaux, Stitch House Brewery, and Ardé Osteria. Those types of things lend themselves to the city being a more vibrant and attractive area for people who live inside and out. That’s huge. And Eddie Izzard is coming to Wilmington, to the Playhouse. He’s one of my favorite comedians, and to have that caliber of act here speaks volumes about the city and where we’re going.”

The story I try to tell, and that I’ve been tasked to tell, is that Wilmington has a vast array of offerings for the general public and beyond. There’s everything to do here, from walking or riding along the Brandywine River to attractions at the Riverfront and all the amazing things that have been happening for decades on Market Street. I just try to tell that larger story about the heart and soul of what Wilmington really is.”