Meet: Brianna Hansen

Brianna Hansen IN Wilmington

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Infiltrate the inner circles of Market, ingratiate yourself with the in crowd, get really involved in what’s in Wilmington … and sooner than later, you’ll meet Brianna Hansen. The campaign manager for IN Wilmington, the city arts marketing campaign, has lived and breathed Market for years.

As we caught up with Brianna and her daughter/IN Wilmington sidekick, Harlo, at Willingtown Square near the history museum—she gave us a rundown of her Market favorites…

“I was thinking about how people don’t realize how much happens on Market on an Art Loop night. You have fantastic exhibitions happening at The Grand and the Baby Grand, at the Delaware College of Art and Design and its student center – which is actually student-curated – and at the Christina Cultural Arts Center, and newer spots like 9th Mile Galleria.”

“I’m excited for Bardea to come to Market Street, the new Italian place that’s going in across from the Starbucks. I see them doing the work now. The stools are in there, the logo is on the door, they’re hiring … it’s moving closer to being real. I know you’ve already written about Margaux. Phenomenal. Haven’t been disappointed once. It definitely brings something to Market that I think we were missing.”

“Wilmington Green Box is opening back up for the season on the 400 block of Market – I think they’re open this week. I am definitely a smoothie drinker, and they’ve got fresh pressed juices and produce available.”

“I feel like I have to give a shout out to my vegan peeps. I find that taking them to the 800 block is always a good option, because Masala Kitchen can whip up some good vegan dishes, UDairy Creamery has a lot of non-dairy sorbet options, Earnest & Scott and Chelsea recently added an all-new vegan burger to their menu, and Chelsea is now carrying vegan pizza.”

“I’m a huge Chelsea fan. I start pretty much every weekend with their $4 Fridays, the nice $4 craft beers. Flight Club happens on Tuesday nights. It’s $15, you get a flight of 5 6oz. pours, and they have a free appetizer bar that’s exclusive to the Flight Clubbers in their downstairs room. And now it’s followed by Geeks Who Drink doing trivia at 8 o’clock, so you can make a whole night of it.”

“OK, just a couple more. I had a cell phone disaster last week – my charging port broke on my phone – so I took it to the guys at Xtreme Wireless to have them take a look at it. You have a wardrobe mishap as a female, you can walk right into Rainbow Shops. Last-minute gifts for friends or clients, you have Spaceboy and Govatos Chocolates — amazing, local, handmade candies — right on the corner of 8th and Market. It’s things like that that I think we sometime take for granted, having lived and worked and played here for so long.”