Ladybugs IN the Spotlight: Nalani & Sarina

Nalani and Sarina

Hailing from: Central New Jersey
Genre: Pop with a dash of soul
RIYL: Jessie Ware, Josephine Oniyama, Dusty Springfield, Billy Joel, Adele
Performing: Friday, July 21st from 6:15pm-6:45pm on the Main Stage

The second set of twins to grace the 2017 Ladybug stage and this column (read our bio for the other one here) should be familiar to pop music fans in the city. Besides being Ladybug Festival alumni, they came to the rescue to headline the Wilmington Flower Market in May following Leann Rimes’ cancellation. Come July, hero sisters NALANI and SARINA BOLTON will indeed be back in town again, ushering in their contagious and endearing pop music. The musically gifted twosome—they staged home concerts for their family as elementary school children and now employ their twin-super-power sixth sense to collaborate as songwriters—take a multi-instrumental approach to their stage show: switching off keyboards, guitars, ukuleles and more, crafting an upbeat and polished pop sound with a bonafide grasp of soul music’s foundations, interspersed with elements of blues, country and rock. Live, the two channel their passion and dedication to their art into dynamic, boisterous and energetic performances, compelling and engaging their audiences with a natural grace and command of their talent. Whether it’s an ardent ballad, a twangy stomper or a rowdy bit of pop excess, when twins Nalani & Sarina land at Ladybug they’re guaranteed to meet their Main Stage fans with slick and lustrous voices, an honest musical proficiency and a resolute, unabashed attitude that manifests in a spirited and savory euphonious jubilee.

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Get Away
“Black Beatles/Help!” Mash-Up
“We’ll Be Free” (Live @ World Cafe Live at the Queen)

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