It’s Time to Share the Love

It's Time IN Wilmington

This post appear courtesy of New Market Wilm.

If there’s one thing we love here at New Market Wilm, it’s the stories you tell us about what’s happening on Market.

(If there’s another thing we love, it’s the food that we get to eat after a photoshoot. But that’s another story.)

We’re delighted to tell the stories that show Market for what it is. Stories about the people who populate the shops on the street and the apartments above. Stories about those nights on Market where there’s an art show in one corner and a concert in another and people dining out on the third, and the band at the bar has to turn up the amps to be heard.

Stories about what happens when an entire community gathers together in its common spaces and shows off the true heart and soul of this city.

That’s what happened last Friday night in Rodney Square. And those stories just got a bigger platform.

Meet the city’s powerful new “It’s Time” campaign. Check out the launch video.

Click on through, and readers of this blog will see many familiar faces – sometimes literally, since our fantastic photographers Joe del Tufo and Jim Coarse work for “It’s Time” too. But even moreso – as we read Gov. John Carney’s take on the campaign and on the city, we were struck by how many familiar stories he mentioned, stories you’ve seen here over the past two years. Stories that need to be heard.

So welcome to our new friends at “It’s Time!” We’ll be watching, because if there’s one thing we love, it’s the stories that show off the Wilmington that we know and the Wilmington we love. And there are so many more stories for both of us to tell.