4 Places That Make Delaware Unique


Delaware may seem like a small state, but there are so many interesting things that make the Diamond State unique. Let’s look at just a few of the cool places you can visit.

1. Rodney Square

Rodney Square is an iconic spot in Wilmington, Delaware that was created in 1921. The land used to be a courthouse, and prior to that, it was a reservoir. Over the decades, it has served as the site for festivals, concerts, rallies, markets, and many other events. Many residents consider it a landmark where folks can meet. There are also many other interesting adjacent buildings that have changed and evolved over the years.

2. Michael N. Castle Trail

If you’re a hiking or cycling enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this beautiful trail that winds along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. According to Delaware Online, this 12.1-mile trail was designated and named in 2013 for Michael N. Castle, who was a former governor and U.S. congressman. Extensions to the trail connect it to the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay.

3. Old New Castle

A walk through Old New Castle is like a walk back through time. The number and authenticity of the colonial and federal structures here are ranked second in the country. Here you can enjoy the cobblestones on Market Street. All throughout Old New Castle, you’ll find signs of history, such as centuries-old homes complete with emblems signifying which fire company was assigned to protect each home. Other quaint relics of days gone by include boot scrapers anchored on the sidewalks and gossip mirrors installed on second floors to see those passing below or visitors at the front door.

4. WWII Towers

Along the Sussex County Coast, you’ll find the iconic WWII Towers. These structures were erected during WWII to protect the upriver industries from a feared Nazi invasion. This invasion never happened, but these symbols of the time have remained. The structures have been weakened over time, but visitors enjoy this unique destination along the beach.

If you’re considering a trip to Delaware or relocating to Delaware, there are plenty of great events and locations to enjoy. If you’d like to learn more about what Delaware has to offer you, please contact In Wilmington today. We look forward to sharing the many wonders of the Diamond State with you.