How to Dress for a Pop Music Concert

Going to a pop concert is an exciting experience. According to a Statista study, about 64% of surveyors said they listen to this music, making it the most popular genre worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeing a new artist or finally seeing your favorite star in person in Wilmington, Delaware; you must be rocking the right outfit. Follow these tips to make sure you’re dressed to impress.

80s Inspiration

Many modern pop stars use 80s looks as inspiration and there’s nothing wrong with you doing the same thing. Rock a pair of neon pants or play with different patterns to see what looks great when pairing them together. Chunky shoes are another great idea for pop concerts. The only thing you want to avoid from this era is teasing your hair, as big hair is a style that most people left in the 80s.

Add Glitter

The energy of this music goes hand in hand with glitter. For a subtle glitter look, pick up some eyeshadow or glitter lipstick. For a less subtle look, grab some body glitter. You can highlight specific areas with body glitter, like your cheekbones and collarbones. Some people go all out and put glitter on their entire body. Remember, you want to look confident when leaving your house.

Avoid Grunge

Tennis shoes and jeans are always comfortable, but this style screams rock concert or alternative music. You’ll feel out of place once you get to the venue and realize you’re the only one dressed so casually. If you can’t part with your jeans, use some of the other style tips mentioned. Pair jeans with a brightly colored top, or pick up a handbag with a bold pattern. Use glitter eyeshadow to complete the look.

Simple Looks

Comfort is also essential. Someone who’s never worn high-heeled shoes should avoid making a pop concert the time to learn. If you hate glitter, avoid covering your body in pink glitter. Instead, you can keep it simple and fashionable. A stretch midi dress is a complete outfit all by itself. Cross-body bags are convenient as well. They’re casual enough that you’ll look effortless while still being stylish. Finally, grab a jean jacket with pockets to complete the look.

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