Hot Breakfast Serves Up Two Exciting New Partnership Dishes


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Delaware’s favorite “dork-rock power duo” HOT BREAKFAST! (insert obligatory fist pump here) has some exciting news to share. Sure they release hilarious video, play to packed-house crowds and win beloved Homey Awards, but now they’re adding to their musical menu. What better completes the most important band in your day than MILK(MEN) and FORKS (with DORKS). Read on…

BREAKFAST with MILK(MEN) Hot Breakfast is recording with the legendary DEAD MILKMEN this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, January 17 & 18. How did two Delaware dorks get asked to record with one of their favorite bands of all time? Apparently, it’s a long story. Nonetheless, Jill is contributing her vocals (and vocal arrangement skills) and Matt his acoustic guitar-playin’ to a new Milkmen track, as part of the Weathervane Music Organization’s Shaking Through series, an ongoing documentary about the guerrilla recording and producing process.

And, the recording sessions are being filmed — you can watch live from the comfort of your couch! You can even write comments and ask questions during the session. And when the song is completed, you’ll be able to download the completed song, but you’ll also be able to download all of the separate tracks in the song and make your own remix. It’s a music-dork’s dream! Click here on Saturday, January 17, and click here on Sunday, January 18. Both sessions run from 11am – 8pm EST. You can also join the Facebook Event page to stay up-to-date. Or read more about it on the HOT BREAKFAST blog.

BREAKFAST with FORKS (and DORKS) It was likely inevitable that the Breakfast Duo appear on a podcast named “Dorks and Forks.” They’ll hang and chat with hosts Brian Wild and Dan Sanchez and guest Corey Osby over beer, wine and breakfasty nosh by Chef Tim of Harry’s Savoy Grill. Oh, they’ll also perform a song live. The podcast will air Monday/Tuesday of next week, January 19-20. Check out the Dorks and Forks Facebook and Twitter pages to get the final word.

Now I’m hungry…for an omelet and some good music.