Fearless Improv Comes to Market

Fearless Improv

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Jana Savini starting making stuff up as a member of the Rubber Chickens at the University of Delaware, continued pulling stuff out of thin air at the Upright Citizens Brigade and bounced around the Philly improv scene before landing as the director of Fearless Improv, newly headquartered with City Theater Company at The Grand on Market.

Recently, her super friends at Fearless have been using their powers for good, presenting improv workshops at the Delaware History Museum, and running corporate corporate trainings and professional development for groups like Del-One Federal Credit Union and Catholic Charities and The Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education. “You know how nonprofits are,” Jana says. “If someone’s paying, we’re coming.”

Hey, Jana, here’s a scene: Tell us why we need more improv in our lives, aaaaand go:

“We’re not teaching you how to be comedians on stage. I work with the person who’s in charge of booking us and ask, hey, what do you need to work on? What is your team focused on right now? Improv has a lot of good transferrable life skills. We approach the work that way – here’s how you can use this at work, at play, in your life.”

“When you’re performing, you’re very much looking out for yourself. You want to make sure that you look good on stage. When you improvise, you’re doing the exact opposite. You want to make everybody else looks good. If you’re the only one who’s looking out for you on stage, you’ve got one person doing that. But if you have seven other people who are stage with you who are looking out for you, those are much better odds.”