A Classic Theater with a Modern Twist: Theatre N

A Classic Theater  with a Modern Twist: Theatre N

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Coming to Theatre N this weekend: Academy Award-nominated Regina King in “If Beale Street Could Talk,” written by Academy Award-nominated Barry Jenkins. Academy Award-nominated actors Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the Best Picture nominee “A Star Is Born.” Academy Award-nominated Glenn Close in “The Wife.” Academy Award-nominated Willem Dafoe in “At Eternity’s Gate.” Academy Award-nominated everything in “Roma.” And you can even bust out your best Freddie Mercury impersonation alongside Academy Award-nominated Rami Malek in a special singalong version of Best Picture nominee “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Sensing a pattern? It’s not a coincidence. Bob Weir at Theatre N, the movie theater right off Market, has recently started booking his weekend schedule only a few days before the movies appear on screen. That enables them to stay nimble, something that Rebecca Parsons (the director of operations at The Mill) thinks is very useful in weeks like this…

“This is classically the month where everybody wants to see the award nominees. We will get word on Tuesday regarding the films that will be playing this coming weekend, because we were waiting for to see the nominees. [Editor’s note: This interview took place before nominations were released.] We’re reacting in real time. We actually work with a booker in California who advises us on what’s good and what people want to watch. And we’re able to hold movies over for another weekend if a lot of people show up, so that they can bring their friends back the next weekend and give people another chance to see it.”

So what else is new at Theatre N, besides the movies?

“We are in the middle of diversifying what we offer. We started to host monthly concerts and did our first live music event earlier this month. It was a hit. It drew a really diverse crowd, from typical Theatre N-goers to people who have never been here before. The bands were great. It was really encouraging and that’s why we decided to do it again.”

“We’re doing another concert on Valentine’s Day. Actually, it’s a date night. We’re going to have vendors there to sell last-minute gifts. We’re going to have four bands. And we’re going to have a robot caricature artist for couples.”

Wait, are robots now taking the jobs of human caricature artists too?

“Oh, no no no, not at all! Definitely not taking the jobs of anyone. But I will advocate for robots 100 percent. If anything, they’re making entrepreneurs more efficient at their businesses. And it really does appeal to a different audience. If you want that classic pastel, shiny-cheek thing, that’s definitely going to be a human doing that.”

If someone’s never been to Theatre N before, what’s it like?

“You have the option of buying a ticket online on the website or you can buy it in person at the ticket booth.  We have a bar with beer, wine, soda and water, and seats with cup holders. We have the basic theater concessions, like candy and popcorn. Once you sit down, you’ll see local advertisements so you’ll even learn a little bit more about the community before the movie starts. So all of that is at your disposal, all of the resources that you would have at any regular theater, without paying the same price.”