Andrew Neu & Rob Zinn At The Ponderosa

The Ponderosa Barn doesn’t sound like a place you would expect to hear smooth jazz, but the privately funded West Grove, Pa. venue does a few things that sets it apart from the crowd.

For one, all proceeds from the Andrew Neu & Robb Zinn Smooth Jazz Concert on Sat., Oct. 9 go directly to the players on stage — the venue takes no percentage of sales.

“It’s kind of like Daryl’s House,” Zinn says, comparing the Ponderosa to setting of the popular show Live From Daryl’s House, featuring Daryl Hall.

Zinn, who recently moved to Florida, played trumpet in a variety of Delaware bands over the decades including Whale, Group Therapy, Rocket 88, The Jimmy Pritchard Band and Special Delivery.

Both Zinn and acclaimed saxophonist, Neu, have had recent releases make the Billboard Smooth Jazz charts and are just coming off their Summer Jazz Festival Tour. Their Ponderosa show starts at 7pm. Visit