4 Essentials to Bring to Your Next Live Music Concert

Live music concerts are a fun way to enjoy the summer, be out with friends, and make unforgettable memories! In fact, concerts are so fun that around 38% of people attended an outdoor music event in 2018. However, it’s important to be prepared when out at your favorite concert. If you’re out having the time of your life at a live music event, below are some must-haves to carry with you!


Live music concerts can be fun, and they can be filled with alcoholic drinks and soda pop. However, it’s important to stay hydrated during the concert and have water with you at all times. Make sure to carry water bottles or a water canister that can help you stay hydrated. These canisters are refillable and can be refilled at water stations at the live music event. Make sure to check the rules of the event. Some venues might only allow clear plastic bottles, instead of vacuum-sealed bottles, to enter the premises.


Nothing is worse than going to a live music event and returning with sunburns! Having sunscreen or balm on you can help prevent pesky sunburns, which can happen during the summer or even during the winter! Keep in mind that UV rays can pass through clouds, so make sure to have sunscreen on you during fall and winter concerts as well.

Sturdy Boots or Tennis Shoes

While you might be tempted to bring your favorite pair of flip-flops or heels with you to an outdoor live music event, it’s best to stick with comfortable tennis shoes or boots. If it rains during the concert, the last thing you want is mud or water going into your toes causing an infection. Boots are also helpful to keep your feet protected against harsh crowds. If boots are too uncomfortable, opt for a pair of sneakers to have with you during the concert.

Various Payment Methods

Every event is different, and if you plan on buying souvenirs, some concerts will require cash while others accept only cards! Do your research and take the appropriate payment method if you want to come home with some mementos!

Have some fun and stay prepared by carrying these handy items with you to your next live music concert! You can stay safe, stay hydrated, and enjoy the concert instead of scrambling for water or finding cash.