3 Tips for Finding Live Music Events Near You

live music

According to pre-pandemic music festival statistics reported by Modern Gentlemen, there were over two million annual visitors to the largest music festivals. This statistic is no surprise since these events can be enjoyable for all ages. With this said, it can be tedious to find live music events near you to attend. In light of this, we’ve highlighted three tips to make this search easier.

1. Look at Instagram Hashtags

Finding a music event can be easy if you have Instagram. To do this, log into your account and search for keywords as a hashtag. Examples of keywords include the location, band names, and stadium titles. While performing this search, you’ll have access to all the public posts of various individuals who might be trying to broadcast their events. After reviewing the posts, you should be able to find the place, dates, and time and might even get access to a band’s website URL for additional information.

2. Explore the Facebook Events Page

The Facebook Events Page can be a hidden gem for those searching for live music. On this social media page, you can explore events such as parades, art shows, marathons, and music. To find this page, click the โ€œEventsโ€ button on the homepage’s sidebar. After clicking this button, you can search for events and narrow your options depending on dates, times, and locations. Plus, you can search for bands and music genres as well. Additionally, you can send a link to the events that interest you to your friends and family for easy sharing. These individuals can open the links via email without any Facebook account necessary.

3. Search for Concert Posters

Posters hung at grocery stores, gas stations, and city halls can be just the ticket for finding the perfect concert. If you’re looking for an event that’s in your hometown, you can likely find these concert posters when doing your shopping chores. On the contrary, if you’re vacationing in an unfamiliar city, searching for posted concert posters might be easier if you ask for help from a store clerk, cashier, or manager. But more often than not, these posters are at entrance doors or behind a customer service desk.

All of the above methods can be excellent ways to find live music events near you. You can also browse the events on the In Wilmington website. We host a wide variety of exciting events that all demographics can enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!