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Gable Music Ventures was formed in February of 2011 by Gayle Dillman and Wilmington, DE musician Jeremy Hebbel. The company was created to offer original artists the chance to be showcased in venues without age restrictions. Today the business boasts several successful events including The Ladybug Festival which has become a major yearly contribution to the local original music scene. As Gable grows, they are committed to giving back to the community. The company donates a portion of the ticket sales to local non-profits for almost all events.

Gable has quickly diversified from a production/promotion business to taking on management and booking opportunities for various regional artists as well. Gayle and Jeremy are committed to helping Delaware get heard. They are in a constant state of motion identifying original musicians and finding them work in both Delaware and throughout the region. Bringing quality music to the area will forever be a driving force of the business.