Tasty Vegan Treats Now Call Riverfront Home

Evangelina's Vegan Desserts IN Wilmington

Drop Squad Kitchen and Evangelina’s Vegan Desserts Announce Partnership

Local musician, baker and civil & animal rights activist Evangelina announced on her blog yesterday that she will be kicking off a new partnership with Drop Squad Kitchen on the Wilmington Riverfront starting mid-February.  

This is not only exciting news for those who have chosen the vegan lifestyle, but also for any sweet tooths out there. Evangelina makes killer kill-less treats.

As a single mother who didn’t want to have to compromise her beliefs just to be able to afford a quality birthday cake for her son, Evangelina started playing around with baking (hilariously, she adds) when he was quite young. “Thankfully my son was still at the stage where he was just grabbing everything with his little chubby fingers and shoveling them into his mouth and my friends and family were gracious enough to eat what I prepared no matter what.” says Evangelina.

Over time, with many questionable attempts in the books, she became quite good at the craft (editor’s note: I can attest!) and started to realize that her tasty vegan treats were often excellent conversation starters regarding the topics that are most important to her, like fair trade and animal rights. It was an exciting yet simple way for her to communicate her values without feeling intrusive.

This may have been the tipping point that led the vegan mom (who was already busy writing and performing music, training in martial arts and working full time) into officially launching Evangelina’s Vegan Desserts,  allowing her to share her talents with more than just her son’s classmates and their family and friends. Just a year later, she offers a fantastic menu that features more than 40 items made to order – INcluding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, breads, pies and delicious Greek favorites – all using ethically-sourced, quality ingredients.

Of course she continued to find ways to advocate for her beliefs and recently developed a Pay It Forward program to help locals IN need. Upon ordering, customers have the option of donating a little extra towards the program – which helps fund gaps from less financially stable families. At the end of the month, if the funds haven’t been exhausted to help ordering clients in need, then they’re used towards making a delicious donation to a local charity or soup kitchen.  The initiative kicked off last December and a full sheet chocolate cake was delivered to the Emmanual Dining Hall on Christmas Eve thanks to this effort!

Evangelina and all that she stands for is right IN line with the mission of Drop Squad Kitchen, making this partnership a perfect fit.

For those unfamiliar with Drop Squad Kitchen, it’s located INside of Molly’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream and Deli in Dravo Plaza and is run by a mother-daughter duo who’s committed to providing fresh, vegan choices to the local community – food that feeds the body and the soul.

The small startup quickly become a staple in the vegan dining scene after it launched in early 2012. And well deserved – offering fresh food to-go, catering, cooking classes and a robust blog – allowing those not so lucky to live in Wilmington to benefit from their INspiring knowledge. Social media has helped in recent months too, with fans driving several hours just to stop and #DigIN to everything Drop Squad Kitchen has to offer.

Beginning February 19th,  Evangelina’s Vegan Desserts will be featured full-time at Drop Squad Kitchen with a weekly variety and special Saturday menu available. Evangelina’s customers will even be able to choose DSK as a pick-up location for custom orders!

“I am truly humbled and appreciative of how much Abundance Child and her family at Drop Squad Kitchen have been supporting me throughout my first year of business. I’ve learned so much through working with them and have built a great business relationship as well as friendship.” says Evangelina.

Obviously, this is something to celebrate! And on Friday, February 19th, we INvite you to join us at Evangelina’s Vegan Desserts Anniversary Party from 5 to 9pm at Drop Squad Kitchen – 928 Justison Street – Wilmington, DE 19801. Stayed tuned INto Evangelina’s on Facebook for updates!

Cupcake photo by Watras Photography. You can catch more of their work during Delaware Fun-A-Day exhibition this Friday night #inWilm!