Studio One Eleven: The Gin Experience haircut for men

Studio One Eleven

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Studio One Eleven: The Gin Experience haircut for men $50

Available at Studio One Eleven, 1313 N. Market St.,

The warm lathering cream, the feeling of the razor-sharp blade against the back of the neck, the precise touch-ups around the ear. It’s no doubt the best part of the haircut and it’s not on the menu at most strip-mall chop shops, but it is at Studio One Eleven on Market. The Gin Experience cut, that’s the one to get. The shampoo, the eyebrow trim, the razor shave on the neck, the hot towel treatment. It’s practically a spa visit in itself, but if you’ve got time to stick around for a pedicure or a chair massage, Ginny Rodgers offers that too on Market’s only male-focused spa. Ginny talks to us about how men are easier but “stupider” (our words, not hers, but a fair assessment) about their grooming, and how she’s lasted 16 years on and near Market.

“That straight razor, I think fellas today are getting it for that feeling of comfort. I mean, your razors today, your basic razors, are getting closer and closer. Four blades, five blades – it’s difficult to beat that.  However, they do not have that hot towel, the mini massage, and the special products that we use before and after. That’s a big difference.“

“With the hair, a lot of fellas don’t know what to do. You know what they say when they come in? They say ‘I really don’t know what I want, but I trust you.’ So we do take our time, we talk to you, we ask you what you’re doing now and are you happy with that? We analyze your face and try to suggest what’s good for you. Now, we do have some gentlemen who are very particular. They’ll come in every four weeks, some every two or three. And we love that, because we’re particular ourselves. But when you have a gentleman who’s a lawyer who’s so, so busy and who lets their hair go five weeks, six weeks, we try to tell them to come in for a free cleanup. It makes them look so good between their haircuts.”

“A lot of fellas are so uneducated about skin care. They think it’s strictly for women. I try to make them think a little bit about it. I do. And I have gotten men in here who have had some things of concern, and the esthetician looks at them and sends them to a dermatologist to find out they do have some things that have to be removed. So education for us, I think, that’s the difference.”

“I’ve been in downtown Wilmington for 16 years, four years working for someone else, and then I opened my own place. A lot has changed over the years, but a lot of stuff is classic that never goes out of style. Even a conservative gentleman doesn’t have to look like an old man. I opened in a recession, and it was tough. But I noticed I didn’t lose clients. They were just delayed. I think mentally they felt, you know, times are bad so I won’t get my haircut as often … but I’m not going to go to somebody else. These guys have been with us for a long time.“