Ladybugs IN the Spotlight: As Lolas

As Lolas

Hailing from: New York City
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
RIYL: Os Mutantes, Rita Lee, Gilberto GIl, Tom Zé, Gal Costa
Performing: Friday, July 21st from 7:15pm-7:45pm on the Main Stage

If you are anything like us (you know you are, don’t deny it), it’s sheer rock and roll energy you want from your music festivals. So we absolutely cannot wait to see this raging INferno of rebellion get on stage and turn our ear drums inside out. FABIANA MASILI (vocals, percussion), ELIANE AMHERD (guitar, vocals), VIVA DECONCINI (guitar, vocals), DAWN DRAKE (bass, voc), ROSA AVILA (drums)—all well-travelled, highly skilled and immutably respected musicians—are As Lolas, a psych rock band that can and will go toe to toe with the best of them. From the first note, the ladies set the stage on fire, wielding music as a weapon aimed at the front of your mind, a hollow point cacophony of unbridled talent and raw emotion that bores into your skull with an up-tempo shuffle, leaving a permanent exit wound on your memory. At the root of it all is a respect for the legacy of Brazilian pop, where a movement known as Tropicália, led by some of the best Brazilian musicians of the past 50 years, would inspire generations of people all over the world with tuneful messages of political importance. But this is no world music homage. Rather, the ladies of As Lolas stand as torch bearers of an important period in history that to many has meant just as much to modern music as The Beatles. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience what will likely be a hysterical jaunt into the gaping maw of the rock ‘n’ roll beast. We can’t promise you’ll walk away unscathed, but it’s certainly worth the experience.

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