A Community INvested in Ladybugs

Ladybug Music Festival IN Wilmington

Many cosmic scientists believe that the universe is expanding outward, a generic property of our infinite home for well over 5 billion years. Well, that’s a good thing for the organizers of this year’s Ladybug Music Festival who are also experiencing rapid growth on no less grand a scale.

And to assist with that growth comes a timely shot in the arm from local benefactor JP Morgan Chase, who will provide some much-appreciated financial help, as Gable announced earlier this week that they will be serving as this year’s presenting sponsor.

“This support from Chase demonstrates their commitment to the revitalization of Wilmington,” said Jeremy Hebbel of Gable Music Ventures, Ladybug’s organizer. “With this additional support we are able to expand the event to include a second day, which enables us to hire more independent artists and bring more business into downtown Wilmington.”

What started in 2012 with 300 fans who showed up on the 200 block of Market Street to watch 20 bands play at 5 different venues, grew to over 7,000 people last year, and this year will be an eclectic two-day celebration of women and music featuring 72 performers stretched across multiple stages (10 on Thursday and 5 Friday, to be exact).

While growth has always been part of the plan, the commitment from the community—such as with Chase, who employs 3,000 people just around the corner from Ladybug’s footprint—is exactly what has helped, and will continue to help, Gable expand their female-centric musical celebration to accommodate the ever-growing numbers of attendees.

“Chase is committed to supporting the city’s efforts to bring fun-filled cultural activities downtown,” said Jenn Piepszak, CEO of Chase’s credit card business. “We’re also thrilled to be able to be involved in such a diverse event.”

“The support that Chase is putting into this event will allow us not only to physically grow the event,” Dillman said, “but will provide much needed advertising and marketing dollars so that more residents of the city of Wilmington know the event is happening, and that it is free for all to attend”.

Chase joins a host of other local sponsors who help fund the once-quaint annual LOMA festival such as ShopRite, City of Wilmington’s Mayor’s Office, 2nd & LOMA, Capital One, Reside BPG, Downtown Visions, AAA Mid Atlantic, taxi-replacement app-based service Lyft (who will be offering discounted rides to attendees!) and, of course, inWilmington ourselves.

“The City is pleased to support this year’s festival because it provides an important entertainment venue for Wilmington residents and visitors to our wonderful City,” said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki. “My thanks to all of the musicians, organizers, sponsors and supporters who have helped grow the Ladybug Festival each year.” 

Many thanks INdeed! We couldn’t be more excited and with just a month and a half until the big event, the majority of the festival performers have been revealed, covering a WIDE RANGE of genres—folk, punk, pop, country, jazz, R&B, metal, reggae and more—from all up and down the East Coast (and even Canada). Gable has a few more up their sleeve and we’re excited for the announcements to come. We’ll even be featuring artists on our blog daily as we get a little closer.

It’s no wonder, with all the talent assembled in the beautiful downtown neighborhood of 2nd & LOMA, with such reinforcement from community partners, and an endorsement from the Mayor, that the Ladybug Festival continues to flourish as it rapidly develops before our eyes and ears. Let’s just hope that down the line, our universe is big enough to contain it.

Find out more: theladybugfestival.com