4 Historic Sites to Visit in Wilmington, DE

visiting wilmington de

Wilmington, DE remains one of the most amazing places to visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a romantic getaway or family fun; this city has lots of attractions to ensure you have a vacation to remember. Residents and tourists in the area can always find plenty of things to do. You must see these historical sites if you’re visiting Wilmington, DE.

1. Opera House

The Grand Opera House has been entertaining residents for over 140 years, according to their official website. The large theater is home to various shows throughout the year, from music to plays. Live performances encompass something for everyone, from ballet to line dancing. Comedy shows provide the perfect laugh, while tours present beautiful art pieces.

2. Fort Delaware

Wilmington played a critical role in the Civil War, and much of that history has been preserved. While visiting Wilmington, DE, head over to Fort Delaware for a look inside the Civil War prison that held numerous prisoners of war captive as the battles raged on. Listen to daring tales of escaped prisoners, watch the cannon fire, and explore the office. The tour includes visiting the barracks, blacksmith shop, officer’s quarters, and more.

3. Haunted Walking Tour

Every city has a dark history, and Wilmington is no exception. Discover haunted tales of the town on a walking tour throughout the city. Learn about murders, pirates, and more on this history-packed tour. You’ll hear about historical monuments along the way and who died inside them. This is the perfect event for visiting Wilmington, DE during Halloween.

4. New Castle Houses

The New Castle Historical Society strives to help you learn the most fascinating historical facts. It maintains three houses: the Amstel House, the Dutch House, and the Old Library. The Old Library has rotating exhibits to ensure you always have something new to discover. The Amstel House was home to a governor during the Revolutionary War and maintained much of its historic beauty. These houses are now used as museums, each with its own fascinating history.

Wilmington, DE is a fascinating piece of history. Take a step back in time with perfectly preserved buildings and haunted walking tours, and enjoy the fascinating architecture of the Grand Opera House. Whether you’re on vacation or live in the area, visiting Wilmington, DE is a must. Check out the rest of the In Wilmington site for more fascinating information to plan your next trip!