Nashville Style Songwriter Showcase

We’re bringing Nashville into Theatre N! This songwriter showcase features four wonderful artists that will…
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Thursday, August 13
Songwriter Showcase

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Thursday, August 13
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Gable Music Ventures
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We’re bringing Nashville into Theatre N! This songwriter showcase features four wonderful artists that will perform in the round. This means that all four artists are on stage at the same time, and they take turns performing one song at a time in the round, interacting with each other, and with the audience. This show is produced by Gable Music Ventures and features Lefty the Greatest, E Joseph, Alyssa Garcia, and Darnell Miller.

Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm

Lefty the Greatest – Wilmington, DE
E.Joseph – Philadelphia, PA
Alyssa Garcia – Philadelphia, PA
Darnell Miller – Wilmington, DE

This show is all ages friendly and Theatre N has gone to great lengths to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

• All staff wear masks – proper distance between staff and guests has been established
• There is one flow of traffic, from the front door of the building, upstairs, through ticketing, concessions, the house, bathrooms, and back to the main doors for re-entry. Signage clearly indicates this, as do arrows on the floor, barriers, and reinforcement by staff. Guests never intersect for entry/exit.
• Elevators have shoe marks on the floor, indicating 3 people per car
• All touched surfaces are cleaned before and after every show. Concessions is cleaned constantly.
• Between showings, electrostatic spraying of all surfaces (including fabrics and carpet) is performed using the leading biologic agents.
• Hand sanitizer stations are located at the main doors, elevators, theatre doors, concessions, and bathrooms
• Additional doors are opened to allow air circulation
• In the house, every other row and all aisle seats have been blocked (we are under half seated capacity, and under 1/3 fire, in addition to large lobbies and elevator banks)
• Guests who are ticketed together may be seated together, with distance between parties
• We ask that guests keep their masks on whenever possible
• When purchasing tickets, a form is required listing each guest’s name/email/phone for contact tracing. We report information to the state, and ask that anybody who visits us that develops symptoms within 5 days contact us so we can begin alerting agencies.
• We require compliance with our rules and respect towards our staff and guests; ticket policies clearly state this (again, it’s a checkbox)