A Summer of Sales at DCAD

DCAD IN Wilmington

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For sale: Original art at deep discounts.

Available at the Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery inside the Delaware College of Art and Design, 600 N. Market St.

It’s June. Peak moving season. And if you have a brand-new apartment, chances are you have a bunch of brand-new blank walls. Good news: It’s a summer of sales at the Delaware College of Art and Design, where original art that once hung in DuPont’s corporate hallways could now be yours at deep discounts – all for the benefit of DCAD and the United Way. There’s some art from DCAD faculty and alumni too.

The gallery is open from 10am-6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10am-7pm on Wednesday, and 10am-4pm on weekends … or you can click here to see and buy what you like. But you really should get out and look at it, says Kelicia Pitts, galleries and events manager for DCAD:

“This show is all about, ‘Hello community, see some wonderful art that is affordable, that can go in your home.’ I’m in a mode of clearing out the older, more affordable pieces we had in our collection and bringing out the new.”

“There are five pieces that are over $1000. Most pieces are around $240 – that’s the average price – and then there’s a lot of artwork that is just $20, which is a really great deal – it’s almost unheard of. We had a really cool Norman Rockwell poster, signed by Norman Rockwell … for $20! That’s not available any more. It went on Art Loop night.”

“The way that prices are right now, you couldn’t even buy the frames of some of these pieces. The type of frames that the DuPont Company chose were beautiful, stunning, very high end … and definitely what you think when you think about the DuPont name.”

“I tell anyone who’s interested in purchasing art, first things first, you have to start by looking at it. You have to get out there, go to the Art Loop, get into the scene, start talking to other people, hear what they have to say … but really, you learn about art by looking at it. If you’re drawn to something, whatever you’re drawn to, you should own it. You should have it in your atmosphere.”

“Of course, some people buy according to pieces that are going to be collectible years from now. For example, we have a beautiful Carolyn Blish for sale. It’s stunning – and great for a beach home or for a living room.”