Questions Answered at the Playhouse


The February 3rd event at the Playhouse on Rodney Square was designed to give the public and opportunity to hear from the leadership team at the Grand about their plans for the future of the Playhouse.

It turned out to also be an opportunity for the team at the Grand to get some answers from the public.

More than 300 people came from all over the region, some had been to a handful of shows at the Playhouse, others have been season ticket holders for decades โ€“ all seemed happy with what they heard.

Executive Director Mark Fields and Managing Director of Programming Stephen Bailey stressed early on that they consider both the Grand and the Playhouse as places that belong to the public and they are simply in the fortunate position of helping to guide both of these great organizations.

Members of the public made it clear they wanted to see a continuation of professional Broadway shows as well as exciting new acts. They also expressed some excitement over plans to get combination packs of tickets allowing them to attend great shows in both venues throughout the season.

Fields and Bailey said they werenโ€™t sure what to expect going into the evening, but coming out of the evening was a clear sense of cooperation and excitement for what Wilmington will see in the coming months and years. Here are a few clips from the evening!

A member of the audience asked about programming from the three older guys at the front of the room – this is the response:

I had a brief chat with Fields and Bailey after the Q&A – here’s what they had to say: