Old Baltimore Speedway Rocks Shoreline

It’s not very often that a band comes around that can gracefully combine both rock ‘n’ roll and country, as well as modern and classic styles. While Old Baltimore Speedway classifies themselves as “rock and roll”, they are much more than that. They can bring in crowds from both the classic rock fanatics to the fishing and beer drinking country fans. Their audience varies in age and interest, something that is absent for many artists. Their music stays true to the rock and roll genre while twisting in a little bit of country twang. Old Baltimore Speedway has sucked in fans just off their EP, Race Ya Home? Now, with their new complete album Shoreline that came out in May of this year, their fan base will continue to grow.

Not only is Old Baltimore Speedway innovative in their combination of genres but the instruments in their reservoir are collaborative in themselves. Band member, Charles Green plays the bass while both Adam Beck and Mike Gilley play the guitar. This is already meshing the louder sound of rock ‘n’ roll with the more acoustic sound found in “outlaw” country music. Their style is considered “outlaw” because of its raw country sound. It verges away from the clean-cut country music that is often heard on the radio. Another aspect of their band that combines the two genres is the touch of harmonica that is often found in country music, but rarely seen in any rock band.

Old Baltimore Speedway is rocking and honky-tonking their way around the Delaware and Pennsylvania areas. Their music is available all over the globe through iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and there are physical copies for purchase as well. Although, if you are interested in seeing them live anytime soon it’s time to hit up the Mid-Atlantic area. For more information on Old Baltimore Speedway and their upcoming shows, be sure to connect with them on Facebook!