Little Ladybugs’ First Flight

Little Ladybugs, the Ladybug Music Festival IN Wilmington

@HappyHarlo entered through the doors of the Delaware History Museum equipped with her normal ear to ear smile sporting a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, ready to protect her from the roaring guitar chords she’d become accustomed to the night before on the 200 & 300 block of Market. Day one of her first-ever Ladybug experience was in the books and she was thrilled to be back for day two. But Mom and Dad crossed the threshold a bit more apprehensively. They knew a stage dedicated to kids music could go one of two ways, and just to be safe, they always chose to give Harlo the adult version of any concert experience (to date).

But last Saturday was different. They trusted in the choices of Gable, and decided to take a giant leap of faith into the world of children’s music… Into the world of Little Ladybugs.

The unassuming lobby of the History Museum made for a wonderfully welcoming environment, (especially since little Harlo & co had just finished waiting in the rain for a tasty food truck treat). A few vendors were set up along the perimeter, and families sat criss-cross applesauce all around the room. They were greeted with worldly sounds sung in a language they hadn’t known, and much to the ‘rents surprise, a quiet, captivated room of children and families sat staring in awe.

They finished settling into the front row just as the band, Morgan, Jess & Friends, asked the audience to start rubbing their hands together. This simple instruction was followed by a few more – snap your fingers, slap your thighs – and after orchestrating the audience into a remarkably relaxing rainforest, a basic tribal arrangement was taught to warm up the room’s vocal cords. What resulted was a delightful reminder of how gorgeous our environment can be when there is harmony, how strong and beautiful our voice is when we sing (and speak) as one.  

(Oddly enough, a message that Noelle Picara helped deliver to the adults that very same day, waltzing into the middle of the crowd after a main stage set armed with a mic pack and hand drum.)

Though Harlo is only six and a half months old and not quite able to follow along with motor skills instruction, she was enthralled with the performance. Not just of Morgan, Jess and their two teenage back-up singers, but the entire congregation. She squeaked and squealed with delight and continuously scanned the crowd, trying to take in how each and every person in her presence was contributing to this aural pleasure.  

They took in a few more songs (learning some German along the way), watched Party Business unleash their INcredible creativity a la face painting, and then headed back out to Market Street to catch the next songstress on their agenda. All in all, the family seemed more than happy to experience the first flight of a Little Ladybug. One that is sure to be the start of an annual tradition.